Hello / こんにちは

We are SayJazz!?! ♫


We are 2 crazy girls and we want to drive you crazy with our music!

SayJazzLovesJapan is also the name of our YouTube site ♥ please watch our videos/動画  ♫


SayJazz is the name we call us together. Say is for "Sarah" and Jazz is for "Vanessa". we are best friends since we were young and we will be friends till we die.


Sarah&Vanessa have 3 big dreams!


First, we want to have our own radio show! we are so carzy, the people have to hear us on the radio!

Maybe we call it "SayJazz On The Radio" ♫


Our second dream is, to have a REALITY SHOW!

Yes, we want to have a reality show! we will call it "SayJazz Loves Japan"! We travel to japan and drive the people crazy in japan?!


And the last one is... Jazz want to become a singer in Japan! ♥♫






The first Fan page for SayJazz!?!


Thank you very much to our fan Lisa Lala



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